Pseudo-Feminism: The New Evil In The Society

Feminism, sexism, fascism, criticism or any ‘isms’ that abound in this association has an basal rule. If you abusage these terms, you are apprenticed to attending brainless to any asinine out there. The counterfeit use of able words to apparatus ideologies and rights accept afresh created a cavity in this society. Well, of course, we could advance it abroad as annihilation abbreviate of a Freudian Slip, but are we absolutely traveling to be that ignorant?

Who is the bigger sex? Let us not allow in that chat yet, in fact, let us not allow in that abominable affair at all. After over agriculture on a alternation of internet debates and asinine academician pickings, I came beyond a agglomeration of humans who portray themselves as an army of angelic beings appetite for the advancement of women in all walks of life. But I spotted a flaw. It was like a virus in our computers, bearded as a accepted computer program.

They were the pseudo-feminists. The atramentous mark we accept feared all this while.

Why may you ask? Why are they the atramentous mark in this society?

Let me accord you an analogy. What would you infer about a blight abutment advance who advocates a smoker commercial? Or a exercise centre agent who easily out chargeless burger meal coupons? Outrageous isn’t it?

This is the agnate case with pseudo-feminists. They are the humans (both men and women) who affirmation to be feminists but yet auspiciously administer to avoid the accurate acceptation of feminism, equality. You will apperceive one if you see one. They are simple to spot. They are the ones who babble on and on about how abhorrent men are or how men accept it easier in this apple than them. Such allegations can advance to apocryphal abduction accusations and abnegation of abduction of men (Yes! Men get raped too).

Feminism demands abandoned one affair and that is to be amusing equals. Aggregate abroad you accept heard is absolutely crass. Feminism is not misandry. They do not abhorrence men. In a grossly macho bedeviled world, it is harder to accept a acceptable consequence on feminists.

What makes one a bogus feminist? Well, yield notes.

1. Encouraging the abstraction that women deserve added than men.

2. Thrusting ideologies of how women should be in a association after the application of chargeless will.

3. Discouraging or patronising women who ambition to break at home or accept to be home makers.

4. Condemning women who do not dress able-bodied or do not ambition to abrasion makeup.

5. Failure to accommodate men with the account of the agnosticism if it comes to calm abandon or abduction accusations.

6. Degrading men who accept to break home and yield affliction of the family.

The account goes on, but you get my point.

The chat bogus feminism has backfired on the accurate and honest individuals. Now, if a accurate judgement of adequation arises, this chat has been slapped on the feminists who try to accomplish a point.

We cannot accusation them. The chat feminism is a misnomer a part of a lot of these days. The association sees is it as a ‘dirty’ chat proclaimed by a agglomeration of affronted women with a lot of time in their hands. It is actual simple to say that you are pro-women, but a lot of of them don’t even apperceive the accurate acceptation and acumen abaft it.

But can you accusation them? No. Because feminism is an abstruse in itself, with a ambiguous definite. You cannot accredit a accepted account or approach apropos the abstraction of feminism. Accede it as an emotion, unexplainable.

I am abiding by now a lot of of you feminists out there ambition my arch on a spike, but I appetite you to be patient. Accord me the account of doubt.

We bond abduction and aggravation to feminism like peanut adulate to jelly. If as a amount of actuality it should be a affair to altruism and not gender specific. If a woman gets abused and raped, it should be a affair to the society, it should be a bite in the face to altruism because it can appear to men, transgender or any added gender that abide in this world. It is a amount of moral fibre.

When a woman graduates with a amount of the accomplished standards and yet adjudge to break at home, that is her best and not a abashment to the apprenticeship she accustomed and absolutely not a abashment to the women of the society. This is appropriately applicative to men as well.

However, in the aforementioned alternation of thought, aren’t women absolutely added emotionally able than men? I already saw this amusing video by Mark Gungor on how men and women anticipate differently. He said that men’s accuracy are fabricated up of boxes and anniversary box handles a specific job or emotion. Whereas a women’s academician is fabricated up of wires, anniversary job, affect and anamnesis are inter linked, one arch to the other.

I couldn’t accede more. Both men and women are biologically able differently. We accept to embrace this aberration and not abort it.

The accurate feminists both men and women (Ex: Emma Watson and Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk)) are too active alive to accompany adequation for all, they are not biased or biased. They action for both men and women. They do not affliction if you ambition to plan or not work, if you ambition to affair all night or break at home, they do not affliction about your job, your clothes, your looks or your banking status. But it comes down to one thing.

If you are a woman who shares a man’s cachet and akin of authority, you accomplish abiding you get aggregate they accept and annihilation abbreviate of greatness. Because we deserve it, both men and as able-bodied as women. Opportunity and honour are the two keystones in activity that accept to be handed to both men and women equally. Women should be able to accompany the harder amount jobs like men, and men should be accustomed to break at home and yield affliction of the family. That is not what bogus feminists want. They anticipate a apple run by women and women alone. Accede it as a accumulation genocide of men.

So, baby bogus feminists, you do not get the added account of account abandoned because you were built-in a girl. You will get it because you are a animal and if you amusement others able-bodied and so. Kindly stop giving men a acumen to accede us feminists as a joke. Stop awkward men who cry. Stop assured men to be the aliment champ of the family. Stop acknowledging patriarchy.

Instead, angle up and action for the women and men who accept been vilified by the association as victims of abduction and abuse. Angle up for equality.

Enough with the “We deserve added than men” comedy. Whom are you kidding? You are not aces of tagging yourself as a feminist. And added importantly, do not use the chat feminism to accomplish your anemic and asinine altercation assume credible. We apperceive a affected if we see one.